PCB manufacturing

The process of printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing is a complex and highly orchestrated sequence of steps that transforms raw materials into the backbone of electronic devices

Design and Layout:
The journey of PCB manufacturing begins with the design phase. Engineers use specialized software to create a schematic diagram that represents the circuit’s functionality

Materials Selection:
The choice of materials is a critical aspect of PCB manufacturing. The base material for the PCB, known as the substrate or core, is typically composed of fiberglass-reinforced epoxy resin

Layer Stackup:
PCBs often consist of multiple layers of conductive traces separated by insulating layers. The layer stackup defines the arrangement of these layers. More complex circuits may require a higher number of layers to accommodate the necessary connections. The layer stackup is a blueprint for the overall structure of the PCB.

Photoresist Application:
To create the circuit pattern on the copper layers, a layer of photoresist is applied. Photoresist is a light-sensitive material that reacts when exposed to ultraviolet light. The PCB is then covered with a mask, and the areas exposed to UV light harden while the covered areas remain soft.

The next step involves etching away the excess copper from the areas not protected by the developed photoresist

Holes for component leads and vias (plated-through holes connecting different layers) are drilled into the PCB

Before components are mounted, the PCB undergoes testing to ensure that there are no defects in the manufacturing process. This may include electrical testing, where the connectivity of traces is verified, and other checks to ensure the PCB meets quality standards.

PCB Fabrication Expert
We are very experienced in manufacturing for multilayer, high complexity, highly dense and special materials PCB.

Whether your idea is in its infancy, or you’ve already created a schematic and wire diagram, our team can produce printed circuit boards that match your vision rapidly.

PCB Manufacturing Capabilities
Our manufacturing process has been optimized over three decades of operations, bringing us to the cusp of systems, processes, and human capital that delivers value with every manufacturing run. we deliver accurate and high-quality bare boards, quick turnaround prototypes, production volume boards, and flush circuits.

Relentless focus on quality, performance, and resilience are at the core of our manufacturing operations. Our talented team is equipped with tested technology systems to ensure an integrated and streamlined electronics manufacturing process under one roof. We offer accelerated lead times to take customer designs to the manufacturing process with direct access to base materials. We have systematically structured a manufacturing platform that is agile enough to support non-standard base materials, allowing you greater room for customization.

Our promise is straightforward:

On-Time Delivery
Precision Manufacturing to Mitigate the Risk of Reworks
Empowering Innovators in the Electronics Ecosystem with Adaptive Manufacturing Processes

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