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Shenzhen Fumax Technology Co., Ltd provides ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) service to brand customers as a necessary supplement to our supply chain service.

A printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) describes the finished board after all the components have been soldered and installed on a printed circuit board (PCB). The conductive pathways engraved in the laminated copper sheets of PCBs are used within a non-conductive substrate in order to form the assembly.

Most people recognize printed circuit boards when they see them. These are the small green chips covered in lines and copper parts you’ll find at the heart of gutted electronic devices. Made with fiberglass, copper lines and other metal parts, these boards are held together with epoxy and insulated with a solder mask. This solder mask is where that characteristic green color comes from.

An advanced circuit board won’t be able to give its functionality until components are mounted on it. A PCB with components mounted on is called an assembled PCB and the manufacturing process is called PCB assembly or PCBA for short. The copper lines on bare board, called traces, electrically link connectors and components to each other. They run signals between these features, allowing the circuit board to function in a specifically designed way. These functions range from the simple to the complex, and yet the size of PCBs can be smaller than a thumbnail.

The PCB assembly process is a simple one, consisting of several automated and manual steps. With each step of the process, a board manufacturer has both manual and automated options from which to choose.

OEM/ODM/EMS Services For PCBA:

· PCBA, PCB Board assembly: SMT & PTH & BGA

· PCBA and enclosure design

· Components sourcing and purchasing

· Quick prototyping

· Plastic injection molding

· Metal sheet stamping

· Final assembly

· Test: AOI, In-Circuit Test (ICT), Functional Test (FCT)

Custom clearance for material importing and product exporting. Now we have been a factory which can provide one-stop service,
from the PCB production, the components purchasing to the components assemble.

Full set of turnkey PCB assembly services

When you choose us as your partner PCB assembly service provider, you have chosen the best PCBA service partner. Our PCB assembly services meet the highest quality standards. With years of experience in the industry and more than 99% customer satisfaction, we have obtained enough high PCB assembly capacity to provide high-quality assembly services under strict quality standards and regulations. We can handle any type of PCB, whether it’s double-sided or single-sided assembly, SMT, through-hole assembly, or mixed assembly items. No matter what you want to do, we can achieve it!

We provide customized circuit assembly services, ranging from prototype PCB assembly, medium and low batch PCB assembly to mass PCB assembly. Making Rocket PCB a one-stop destination for PCB manufacturing and assembly.

What is PCB ODM Manufacturing Process

Why ODM manufacturing has rapidly used in industries?

You know that today electronic industry is totally relying on PCB boards. In fact, these PCBs are base for all simple to complex electronic gadgets. So, it is necessary for you to use good quality boards for the precision quality electronic products. The PCB ODM service is very beneficial manufacturing process in this course.

Today most of the electronic manufacturers prefer to use ODM manufacturing process. Because it is safe and time saving process. Moreover, you have not to face any kind of trouble to produce your best quality PCB boards.

The ODM manufacturing process is not only using in in PCB manufacturing but it is also rapidly using by many other important industries.

What is ODM manufacturing?
ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturing. Basically, this is a very special and beneficial kind of manufacturing process. In this process, you get help of an ODM service provider whose designs already have existence.

Moreover, these designs have certified and you want to use them. You can get a rapid production by making some necessary changes according to your needs. This is extremely cheaper and extra faster way to make your mass production.

Furthermore, it is also a really helpful manufacturing technique in comparison to starting from the beginning. But for best resulting products, you have to switch a good and professional ODM manufacturers.

The ODM manufacturing process is highly beneficial in the sectors of PCB manufacturing industry. In fact, PCB ODM service is best to use for short turnaround time. But it is necessary for you to use a good ODM service for good results of PCB designs.

Why use a PCB ODM service?
As you know about the importance of PCB boards in modern electronic products. We are here to tell you about the value of ODM service in the manufacturing field of PCB boards. The PCB ODM service is ideal for low budget projects.

If you decide to design a good PCB board for your high-quality electronic devices, it takes lots of planning. Basically, there are several important stages where you need to pay deep attention. Moreover, each and every stage is important to create a good PCB board for your electronic appliances.

It involves lots of time, money and experience to develop a perfect PCB design. But if you take help to an ODM service, it will be extremely beneficial for your high-volume PCB boards. A PCB ODM service will truly help you in all essential and critical ways.

The ODM service already have some certified and established designs for your bulk production. Furthermore, you have to choose among them which suit you the best. Actually, you can also make some initial or small changes to design a unique PCB design.

So, to create a different PCB design, these already existing designs will greatly help you. There is no need to face any hassle because you are making already proven design configurations.

What are the advantages of using a good PCB ODM service?
The ODM services or special ODM companies can design as well as manufacture your products. Today, most of the electronics industries are relying and using their designs of products as their own. In short, in ODM manufacturing process, a manufacturer sells his product designs to you. And you sell his designs in the market as the name of your own brand.

Here are some benefits of using a good ODM service for you. These are:

It is one of the speedy and quick ways to establish and sell your products
It is very cost-effective manufacturing technique
ODM is time and money saving manufacturing process
You can pay full attention to some basic core operations to make ODM designs more effective and unique
It is full responsibility of your ODM service to design successful and reliable product designs

What are the qualities of a good PCB ODM service?
It is the responsibility of your good ODM service to supply you the best production designs. The designs which have best approval from several good authorities. There should be no more risks or complications to use them.

Moreover, the service will make sure that it is providing you best products in very reasonable prices. A good PCB ODM service should also make sure about the best performance of the PCB boards after selling your products. You know that it is very important for any industry that its customers should keep trust on its products.

In fact, only the trust of clients can develop a successful industry. Moreover, the customer will only trust an industry if its products will perfectly perform without creating any trouble. So, it is first duty of a good ODM service of PCB boards to supply you the designs which are ideal in performance. Because any kind of fault will lead you to face some serious issues in your bulk productions.

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