Fumax will apply Coating to PCB assembly per customer requests.

The coating process usually are important to Protect the boards from moisture and pollutants (which may cause electricity leakage). These products are typical used on moisture application such as bathroom, kitchens, outdoor applications…etc.

Fumax has professional staff and equipment for coating

Coating is a solid continuous film obtained by one-time coating application. It is a thin layer of plastic coated on a substrate such as metal, fabric, plastic, etc. for protection, insulation, decoration and other purposes. The coating can be gaseous, liquid, or solid. Usually, the type and state of the coating are determined according to the substrate to be sprayed.

1. Mainly methods:


2. Electroless Ni/AU

3. Immersion Tin

4. OSP: Oragnic Solderability Preservative

2. Function of coating:

Protect from moisture and pollutants (which may cause electricity leakage);

Resistant to salt spray and mildew;

Anti-corrosion (such as alkali), improve resistance to dissolution and friction;

Improve fatigue resistance of lead-free solder joints;

Suppress arc and halo discharge;

Reduce the impact of mechanical vibration and shock;

High temperature resistance, release stress due to temperature change

3. Application of coating:

SMT & PCB assembly

Surface Mounted Package Adhesive Solutions

PCB Coating Solution

Component Encapsulation Solution

Portable electronic products and parts

Automobile industry

LED assembly and application

Medical industry

New energy industry

PCB Board Coating Solution

4. Process characteristics:

In terms of the process of PCB surface coating, PCB manufacturers always face the challenge of balancing output, materials, labor investment and safety. At the same time, they must consider the regulatory and environmental issues involved in the process. Traditional surface coating methods, such as dipping and air gun spraying, usually require high materials (input and waste) and labor costs (a lot of labor and labor safety protection). Solvent-free surface coating materials increase costs.

5. The Advantage of coating:

The absolute speed is fast.

Durable and reliable.

Good selectivity accuracy (edge definition, thickness, efficiency) can be achieved.

The software supports changing the spraying mode in flight state, and the spraying efficiency is High spraying efficiency.