Electronic Design (Schematic & PCB layout)

Fumax tech is a trusted company that provides a wide arrange of Electronic Design Services with over 10+ years of experience in the relevant areas of Electronics Design.

We design, prototype and develop diverse electronic hardware in a customized and highly precise manner. We are capable of converting your ideas or transform a functional diagram to an electronic circuit or product that can help an electronic device perform its functions. With a team of proficient engineers, we build phenomenal electronic design.

Fumax Engineering has worked with over 50 customers with successful completion of over 100 electronic circuit designs. This experience has allowed fumax Engineering to develop a team of dedicated senior engineers for electronic circuit design (front-end engineering) across a broad range of applications.

The range of electronic circuit design applications include:

• Control system design
• Motor control
• Industrial control
• Consumer electronics
• Mixed analog/digital designs
• Bluetooth and 802.11 wireless designs
• RF designs to 2.4GHz
• Ethernet interface circuits
• Power supply designs
• Embedded microprocessor design
• Telecommunication circuit designs

Our electronic design development process typically involves the following steps:

1. Study customer requirements
2. Discuss with customers for key requirements and suggest preliminary solutions
3. Generate initial schematic based on customer requirement
4. Schematic verification process internally by Fumax engineering team leaders
5. Software engineering team involvement process if required.
6. Computer stimulate process
7. Finalize schematic. Go to PCBA process

We use industry leading E-CAD design tools such as Altium Designer & Autodesk Fusion 360 (Autodesk Eagle) to handle our PCB designs. This assures our customers that we deliver designs that are not only industry standard but also allows for easy maintenance of the designed work.