Fumax will build ICT for each board to test board connection and functions.

ICT, known as In-Circuit Test, is a standard test method for inspecting manufacturing defects and component defects by testing the electrical properties and electrical connections of online components. It mainly checks the single components on the line and the open and short circuit of each circuit network. It has the characteristics of simple, fast and accurate fault location. A component-level test method used to test each component on an assembled circuit board.

1. The Function of ICT:

Online testing is usually the first test procedure in production, which can reflect the manufacturing conditions in time, which is conducive to process improvement and promotion. The fault boards tested by ICT, due to accurate fault location and convenient maintenance, can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Because of its specific test items, it is one of the important test methods for modern large-scale production quality assurance.

2. The Difference between ICT & AOI?

(1) ICT relies on the electrical characteristics of the electronic components of the circuit to check. The physical characteristics of the electronic components and the circuit board are detected by the actual current, voltage, and waveform frequency.

(2) AOI is a device that detects common defects encountered in soldering production based on the optical principle. The appearance graphics of circuit board components are inspected optically. Short circuit is judged.


3. The Difference between ICT & FCT

(1) ICT is mainly a static test, to check component failure and welding failure. It is carried out in the next process of board welding. The problematic board (such as the problem of reverse welding and short circuit of the device) is directly repaired on the welding line.

(2) FCT test, after power is supplied. For single components, circuit boards, systems, and simulations under normal use conditions, check the functional role, such as the circuit board’s working voltage, working current, standby power, whether the memory chip can read and write normally after power on , The speed after the motor is powered on, the channel terminal on-resistance after the relay is powered on, etc.

To sum up, ICT mainly detects whether the circuit board components are inserted correctly or not, and FCT mainly detects whether the circuit board functions normally.