Passive Components

Passive components are components that don’t require power being applied in order for them to work. A transformer would be considered an active component because it requires power to operate, while a capacitor, resistor and similar items are considered passive, and many perform multiple functions. For instance, a capacitor will pass AC while storing DC, a resistor can be used to limit voltage or current, etc.

Passive Component (In elec)
(1) Diode: Rectification diode, fast recovery rectifier diode(RF), Schottky rectifier diode (SB SR), on-off, Zener Diode, TVS, Light Emitting Diode (from Vishay Semiconductors, Vishay Semiconductors, ROHM Semiconductor, Nexperia and etc)

(2) Transistor:Miniwatt, on-off, Darlington transistor, Voltage drop transistor, Digital transistor, Bipolar Junction Transistor, RFID transistor (from Vishay Semiconductors, Siliconix, ROHM Semiconductor and etc)

(3) Resistor: DIP resistor, metallic film resistor, carbon film resistor, wire-wound resistor, cement resistor, RXLG, RMCC, thermal resistor, Voltage dependent resistor (from KOA Speer, Susumu,Vishay, Beyschlag and etc)

(4) Capacitor: aluminium electrolysis, polyester capacitor, PPN/PPL, Metallized capacitor, MLCC, Anti EMI, tantalum capacitor (from KEMET, EPCOS,TDK, United Chemi-Con,Panasonic and etc)

(5) Inductor: Laminated flat inductor, AXIAL inductor, Color code inductor, Radial inductor, toroidal inductor (from KEMET, Vicor, Coilcraft and etc)

(6) Transformer: power frequency, audio switching power supply, impulse signal, RFID Transformer (from MACOM, Coilcraft, HALO Electronicsand etc)

(7) Potentiometer: wire-wound potentiometer, conductive plastic potentiometer, cermet potentiometer, carbon potentiometer, precision potentiometer, direct sliding potentiometer (from Bourns, Vishay, Sfernice,ALPS,TT Electronics, BI Technologies and etc)

(8) Crystal: Common Filter, TCXO, OCXO, VCXO (from Maxim Integrated,Intersil,Renesas and etc)

(9) Filter: piezoelectric ceramic, SAW, Quartz Crystal Filter (from Murata Electronics, ABRACON and etc)