When design is completed, fumax team will build working samples for customer verification.

Following are general process & lead time about quick prototypes:

For mechanical enclosure, we will use CNC or 3D printing to do the samples. lead time will be 3 days.

for bare PCB, the quickest lead time can be just 24 hours.

For PCB assembly, the component lead time is 3- 6 days, we just need 1 day for assembly. Total lead time will be around 1 week.

When the sample are completed, it is also important to get the international certificates such as: CE, EMC, FCC, UL, CUL, CCC, ROHS, REACH…etc

We work with many testing agents (such as SGS, TUV…ETC) for these certifications. During our design stage, our engineering team already designed the products according to these standards. We are very proudly that our designed products can pass all these certificates without issues.

It pave the way for the further market lunch and production ramp up.