Fumax equipped with the best new mid/high speed SMT machines with daily output of around 5 million points.

Other than best machines, we experienced SMT team are also a key to deliver best quality product.

Fumax continues to invest best machines and great team members.

Our SMT capabilities are:

PCB layer: 1-32 layers;

PCB material: FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, High TG, FR4 Halogen Free, FR-1, FR-2, Aluminum Boards;

Board type: Rigid FR-4, Rigid-Flex boards

PCB thickness: 0.2mm-7.0mm;

PCB dimension width: 40-500mm;

Copper thickness: Min:0.5oz; Max: 4.0oz;

Chip accuracy: laser recognition ±0.05mm; image recognition ±0.03mm;

Component size: 0.6*0.3mm-33.5*33.5mm;

Component height: 6mm(max);

Pin spacing laser recognition over 0.65mm;

High resolution VCS 0.25mm;

BGA spherical distance: ≥0.25mm;

BGA Globe distance: ≥0.25mm;

BGA ball diameter: ≥0.1mm;

IC foot distance: ≥0.2mm;

1. SMT:

Surface-mount technology, known as SMT, is an electronic mounting technology that mounts electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits, etc. on printed circuit boards and forms electrical connections by soldering.

2. The advantage of SMT:

SMT products have the advantages of compact structure, small size, vibration resistance, impact resistance, good high frequency characteristics and high production efficiency. SMT has occupied a position in the circuit board assembly process.

3. Mainly steps of SMT:

The SMT production process generally includes three main steps: solder paste printing, placement and reflow soldering. A complete SMT production line including basic equipment must include three main equipment: printing press, production line SMT placement machine and reflow welding machine. In addition, according to the actual needs of different production, there can also be wave soldering machines, testing equipment and PCB board cleaning equipment. The design and equipment selection of the SMT production line should be considered in combination with the actual needs of product production, actual conditions, adaptability, and production of advanced equipment.

4. Our capacity: 20 sets

High speed

Brand: Samsung/Fuji/Panasonic

5. The Difference between SMT & DIP

(1) SMT generally mounts lead-free or short-lead surface-mounted components. Solder paste needs to be printed on the circuit board, then mounted by a chip mounter, and then the device is fixed by reflow soldering; not need to reserve corresponding through holes for the pin of the component, and the component size of the surface mounting technology is much smaller than the through-hole insertion technology.

(2) DIP soldering is a direct-in-package packaged device, which is fixed by wave soldering or manual soldering.