Solder Paste Printing

Fumax SMT house has automatic solder paste printing machine to apple the solder paste on the strencils.


strict control on solder paste printing

The solder paste printer is generally composed of plate loading, solder paste, imprinting, and ircuit board transfer.

Its working principle is: fix the circuit board to be printed on the printing positioning table, and then use the scrapers of the printer to print the solder paste or red glue on the corresponding pads through stencil. The transfer station is input to the placement machine for automatic placement.

1. What is solder paste Printer? And how does it work?

Printing solder paste on a circuit board and then connecting electronic components to the circuit board through a reflow is the most commonly used method in the electronics manufacturing industry today. The printing of solder paste is a bit like painting on the wall. The difference is that in order to apply the solder paste to a certain position and control the amount of solder paste more accurately, a more precise special steel plate (stencil) must be used. Control the printing of solder paste. After the solder paste is printed, the solder paste here is designed in the shape of “田” to prevent the solder paste from being too concentrated in the center after melting.

2. The composition of solder paste printing

(1)Transportation System

(2)Screen positioning system

(3)PCB positioning system

(4)Visual system

(5)Scraper system

(6)Automatic screen cleaning device

(7)Adjustable printing table


3. The function of solder paste printing

Solder paste printing is the basis for the quality of the solder on the circuit board, and the position of the solder paste and the amount of tin are of importance. It is often seen that the solder paste is not printed well, causing solder short and solder empty.