Thick cooper PCB

Fumax — A company that is able to manufacture a wide range of copper PCB products. With a wealth of experience, we’re renowned for producing products of very high quality to our clients. And Fumax is also able to customize the thick copper PCB to be able to perfectly suit the needs of all the customers.

The product range of Thick cooper PCB that Fumax can offer

* PCBs with up to 48 layers

* Alu core, also plates-through

* Ultra-Fineline

* Laser Direct Imaging (LDI)

* Microvias from 75µm

* Blind- and Buried-Vias

* Laser-Vias

* Via Plugging / Stacking



* Layer(1-14 layers);

* PCB size(Min. 10*15mm, Max.508*889mm);

* Finished board thickness(0.21-6.0mm);

* Min base copper thickness(1/3 OZ (12um));

* Max finished copper thickness(6 OZ);

* Min trace width/spacing(Inner layer:Part 2 / 2mil, overall 3 / 3mil; Outer layer:Part 2.5/2.5mil, overall 3 / 3mil);

* Tolerance of the dimension size(±0.1mm);


* Impedance Control Tolerance(±10%,50Ω and below:±5Ω);

* Solder Mask Color(green, blue, red, white, black).


The thick copper PCB is able to carry more current through the wires as compared to using other copper material for manufacturing the wires. And  the use of the copper PCB allows equal distribution of thermal energy in the wires and also increases the strength of the wires at the site of connection. They also make it easy and possible to make smaller equipment. This is because the wires can be easily folded to overlap and allow creation of more space on small equipment.

Heavy copper can be used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to, high power rectifiers, heat dissipation, planar transformers, power convertors, computer, military, electric vehicle charging, power grid switching system, etc

* Welding Equipment

* Solar Panel Manufacturers

* Power Supplies

* Automotive

* Electrical Power Distribution

* Power Converters