Vehicle related boards

Fumax provides high quality vehicle related board adapted to various harsh environments.

Vehicle related board is usually used on vehicle to monitor the driving status of the car from time to time, providing convenient and safe driving services for the driver.


The main classification of vehicle related boards & respective characteristics:

There are two major types of PCBs used in automobiles divided by substrate: inorganic ceramic-based PCBs and organic resin-based PCBs. The biggest feature of ceramic-based PCB is high heat resistance and good dimensional stability, which can be directly used in engine systems with high heat environment, but the ceramic substrate has poor processability and the cost of ceramic PCB is high. Now, as the heat resistance of newly developed resin substrates has improved, most of the cars use resin-based PCBs, and substrates with different properties are selected for different parts.

Vehicle related boards4
Vehicle related boards5

The capacity of vehicle related boards:

GPS Sensitivity:  159dB

GSM Frequency:  GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

GPS Chip:  Latest GPS SIRF-Star III chipset

Sensor:  Motion and accelerating sensor

Material:  FR4 CEM1 CEM3 Hight TG

Solder mask:  Green. Red. Blue. White. Black.Yellow

Copper Thickness:  1/2OZ 1OZ 2OZ 3OZ

Base Material:  FR-4

Vehicle related boards6
Vehicle related boards7

The practical application of vehicle related boards:

Common automobile meters and air-conditioning devices that display speed and mileage use rigid single-sided PCBs or flexible single-sided PCBs (FPCBs). Automotive audio and video entertainment devices use double-sided and multilayer PCBs, and FPCBs. The communication and wireless positioning devices and safety control devices in automobiles will use multilayer boards, HDI boards, and FPCBs. Automotive engine control systems and power transmission control systems will use special boards such as metal-based PCBs and rigid-flex PCBs. For the miniaturization of automobiles, PCBs with embedded components are used. For example, the microprocessor chip is directly embedded in the power control circuit board in the power controller, and the embedded component PCB is used in the navigation device. Stereoscopic camera devices also use embedded components PCBs.

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