Fumax SMT house has equipped the X-Ray machine to check soldering parts such as BGA, QFN…etc

X-ray uses low-energy X-rays to quickly detect objects without damaging them.

1. Application range:

IC, BGA, PCB / PCBA, surface mount process solderability testing, etc.

2. Standard

IPC-A-610 ,GJB 548B

3. Function of X-Ray:

Uses high-voltage impact targets to generate X-Ray penetration to test the internal structural quality of electronic components, semiconductor packaging products, and the quality of various types of SMT solder joints.

4. What to be detected:

Metal materials and parts, plastic materials and parts, electronic components, electronic components, LED components and other internal cracks, foreign object defect detection, BGA, circuit board and other internal displacement analysis; identify empty welding, virtual welding and other BGA welding Defects, microelectronic systems and glued components, cables, fixtures, internal analysis of plastic parts.


5. Importance of X-Ray:

X-RAY inspection technology has brought new changes to SMT production inspection methods. It can be said that X-Ray is currently the most popular choice for manufacturers who are eager to further improve the production level of SMT, improve production quality, and will find circuit assembly failures in time as a breakthrough. With the development trend during SMT, other assembly fault detection methods are difficult to implement due to their limitations. X-RAY automatic detection equipment will become the new focus of SMT production equipment and play an increasingly important role in the SMT production field.

6. Advantage of X-Ray:

(1) It can inspect 97% coverage of process defects, included but not limited to: false soldering, bridging, monument, insufficient solder, blowholes, missing components, etc. In particular, X-RAY can also inspect solder joint hidden devices such as BGA and CSP. What’s more, in SMT X-Ray can inspect the naked eye and the places that cannot be inspected by online test. For example, when PCBA is judged to be faulty and suspected that the inner layer of the PCB is broken, X-RAY can quickly check it.

(2) Test preparation time is greatly reduced.

(3) Defects that cannot be reliably detected by other testing methods can be observed, such as: false welding, air holes, poor molding, etc.

(4) Only once inspection is needed to double-sided and multi – layered boards once (with layering function)

(5) Relevant measurement information can be provided to evaluate the production process in SMT. Such as the thickness of the solder paste, the amount of solder under the solder joint, etc.